The Booking Process

Piece of mind, it’s what everyone is looking for when hiring a band right? At Empire we recognise the importance of your piece of mind and from the first contact with us right through to after your event, you can be confident we’ve got this covered, it’s what we do.

When you first contact us, we’ll respond quickly and will work with you on your requirements. Feel free to be completely honest with us about what you want and we’ll advise you on what we can or can’t accommodate.

Once you have submitted the enquiry form or contacted us via facebook, you will be sent a preliminary quote based on your requirements (including any additional travel expenses etc). When agreement has been reached, we’ll contact you with deposit instructions and you’ll receive your personalised performance agreement.

We’ll head off and rehearse your first dance and we’ll see you at the gig. Please, never hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, remember, we’ve got your back..!!

On The Day

We need enough time to setup our equipment and sound check before we play for you and your guests. This usually takes us around an hour maximum and involves setting microphone and instrument levels, line checks, light setup and placement and as every room we play in is different, we like to get this right because we want you to experience us sounding our best.

We’ll arrive an hour before we’re contracted to start playing, setup, soundcheck and then we’re good to go. If the day is running a little behind, we’ll do our best to setup as quick as possible so that your guests can get their boogie on but depending on the situation, this can still take up to a full hour.

We’ll coordinate with you and the venue throughout the night regarding our break, which is usually taken at the same time as the buffet. Our set lists are design to finish the night on a high, don’t worry if not everyone is dancing at the start  of the night, the dance floor will be packed out by the end, it always is.

Occasionally, something can go wrong. a microphone can fail, a lead can break, the venues electricity can shut off, a fire alarm can go off (thankfully only happened once) but rest assured that we resolve any issues that come up quickly and effectively with minimal disruption. There’s literally nothing we haven’t seen or dealt with before..!!

After Your Event

Reviews are super important to us, they help us get new bookings and also help us improve. We’ll contact you after the event for a review, there’s no obligation to provide one but we’d be super grateful.