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Hi everybody!

I got a great response from my last blog post about Thomas and Daniel, so thanks for that! For this blog post I thought I would talk about a little gem of a page I have found on Facebook:


As you’ve probably guessed, this is a Facebook group called Blushing Brides Scotland. It’s a closed group (you just request to join) where Brides-to-be, past Brides and Suppliers can all share tips and advice on planning the perfect wedding. You can post asking about others’ experience of a venue or where to find certain items such as favours or light-up LOVE letters (they certainly seem to be popular right now!) as well as asking for peoples’ opinions on prices or even members of the wedding party not pulling their weight. There are nearly 8,000 members so it certainly is a busy page!

It’s also really useful if you’re on a tight budget and looking out for bargains. Past brides sell things like table decorations, dresses, veils, lights and various other lovely objects that they had on their special day. You really could get some amazing stuff for an absolute steal – nothing wrong with buying second hand, especially if they have already been used for a really happy occasion! Positive vibes everywhere! Suppliers also use the group to advertise any special offers they might have on or any great wedding fayres that are coming up.

What’s great about Blushing Brides Scotland is that everyone is the same boat. Whatever you’re looking for or whatever your predicament is, you will find someone who understands and can help! I haven’t seen a single post on there that hasn’t been responded to. It’s also handy if you’re planning your wedding from far away (for example we are playing at a couple of weddings in Scotland this year that are being planned in different countries!) as you can ask for peoples’ experiences of a certain supplier or the best place to find something.

So if you’re looking for a place to grab bargains/share experience/learn/chat/rant, click the image below to visit Blushing Brides Scotland (there are men on it too!) and enjoy!


P.S. Read the rules before you post – basically, don’t be mean!

P.P.S. Empire will be playing live at the Fife Wedding Show at Rothes Halls THIS SUNDAY (21st February) between 12 and 4pm. There will be loads of suppliers there to meet and have a chat with. Plus I made biscuits and they are absolutely awesome. They’re Empire biscuits. I think that’s really clever but I’m pretty sure the rest of the band think I’m a bit sad.


Until next time!


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