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Whoaaaah this is Heather’s first blog post, don’t freak out you guys. Seriously though if there’s a typo can you just email me at [email protected] because that would keep me awake at night.

Weddings are awesome. There’s something so lovely about coming to a venue to set up and seeing a happy couple surround themselves with friends and family. Everyone’s smiling, everyone’s laughing, some even might be a little tipsy… ! As we play our music, we get to watch the guests dancing and having a great time, some of them are old forever-friends, some have only just met. By the end of the night, I always feel like I know them a little bit. Your great aunty Pat loves a bit of Sweet Child of Mine, and I definitely saw your dad shedding a tear during your first dance. We like to treat every wedding as the first wedding we’ve ever done, because every wedding is special.

Over recent years, we have had the honour of playing some same-sex weddings. At the end of the night, I always say to my Empire band-buddies ‘I can’t believe that a few years ago, they weren’t allowed to tie the knot’. It really makes you think. And I’ve found that apparent in the atmosphere at weddings of couples who just happen to have the same gender — everyone is united and we always have such a good night with them. I just want to high-five everyone there for being so awesome and knowing that this is so right!

Anyway, this brings me on to Thomas and Daniel, whose wedding we are playing next year in Dundee. They live in London and are talented theatre actors, so I was really stoked to be booked by them. So tonight I was emailing Daniel (one year to go, woohoo!) and he told me that he and Thomas write a monthly newsletter to their friends and family keeping them up-to-date with how the planning is going. I’ve just finished reading their newsletters so far and aaaaaah they are so good! A NEWSLETTER, what a genius idea and a great way to keep your guests involved. I’ve spent about half an hour just reading aloud excerpts from it to my partner, who is trying to concentrate on studying law (oops sorry). They include little updates on the venue, decor, music (woo!), a countdown, and there’s always a special mention for a loved one. It’s just SO nice and totally them.

Also they have that ‘I want to know what happens next’ factor. Classic example from the September issue:

I’m glad I got all the issues so far at the same time, because I would have wondered for the next month what Daniel could have replaced candles with. I mean, not constantly-weirdo thinking about it, but say if I had five minutes to myself one day, the thought might have crossed my mind. But then, October issue:


This is such a clever idea. It’s such a good way to get your guests all excited about your Big Day, plus it lets you see how much you’ve achieved in planning. They have competitions and invite people to make suggestions like nice readings for the ceremony. And it’s educational – I learned about Humanism 🙂 They even included a crossword of their favourite films in their February issue. It’s just so GOOD.

At the end of the day, one thing that is completely clear is the love that these two share and how excited they are to have all of their loved ones around them on the same day. That is what weddings are all about! Their newsletters have had me giggling all evening, but I would like to end my first blog post with the most poignant thing I’ve read in a while:

They are both men. And that is totally awesome.

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