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An Acoustic Set at To Be Wed

Before I forget, our next showcase is on 15th April at Sweeney’s on the Park in Glasgow! Free entry – come and join us for a great night out! We will keep you updated on our Facebook page 🙂

Hey everyone! How are you all? It’s chocolate egg weekend, hurrah!

Wedding shows are a lot of fun and an important part of being a supplier. This month Bob (dark, mysterious guitarist) and I took a little roadtrip to To Be Wed’s wedding show in Bathgate. To Be Wed are a Highland Wear Store and Bridal Boutique, and everyone there is absolutely lovely. If you’re looking for a really personal service to help you find your dress or kilt, I definitely recommend them.

This wedding show was a little different to what we are used to, but in a really good way. Basically everyone was in the same room as the catwalk, and suppliers were given the opportunity to have slots in which to present their products to the audience. This meant that the audience didn’t have to worry about missing the fashion show and they were able to hear what all of us suppliers have to offer. Plus there was free bubbly, chocolate-dipped strawberries AND massive chocolate-dipped marshmallows. Oh man they looked so good. After the fashion show was done, there was half an hour of ‘mingling’ time where all the lovely brides-to-be could come and ask us questions. It was really a very effective way of working a wedding show.

Our full five-piece band takes about an hour to set up so it wasn’t really appropriate for us to do a full-blown set at To Be Wed (we wouldn’t all fit on the catwalk for a start!). It’s not often we get a chance to show our gentle side, so we decided that Bob and I would go ourselves and do a wee acoustic set. After all, we do ceremony music too – did ya know that? So our slot consisted of me chatting about what Empire have to offer, and then we played Etta James’ ‘At Last’ and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’, both very popular ceremony and first dance songs.

Here are a couple of pictures taken by the lovely Margaret Scott of Ryal Photography of us doing our thing.


What do you think of Bob’s shirt? He got it in a vintage shop in Glasgow and we think its excellent. Don’t diss The Shirt.

The dresses and kilts shown on the catwalk were absolutely beautiful too and the models were so professional. To Be Wed has some beautiful traditional and unique styles to suit all body shapes. They definitely know their stuff.

I also skilfully balanced my camera on top of a speaker in order to take a couple of videos of us playing! Check these out:

Our accoustic cover of Etta James At Last –

Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran –

During the evening, both of these songs are usually played with the full five-piece band but for ceremony music we tone it down to make it a little more intimate. Sometimes less is more!

Our lovely drummer Steve aka. Sharper Piper was there too. What a guy, he is so smooth. I was nervous as hell before going up to talk about what Empire do (I’m used to singing, not speaking!), and he just totally owned it! He’s a great chap to have as your piper as well as a drummer, because he’s a genuinely nice person* and incredibly professional.

So thank you To Be Wed for having us at the show this month – keep an eye on their Facebook page for information on their next event, which will be on 23rd September 2016.

That’s all from me just now! In other news, we have a great new bassist, Giancarlo, and we are keeping busy in rehearsals polishing our performances in preparation for wedding season kicking off! Next Sunday we have booked a 6-HOUR rehearsal – will we survive? Only if Gilbert orders pizza.

*I say this despite the fact that he frequently comments on how un-lady like I am, but deep down I know he thinks I’m fabulous. Deep DEEP down. Steve, I’m writing this in my pyjamas at 6pm, drinking wine out of a mug #oneofthelads #notreally

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