Showcase Review April 2017

We played our first wedding band showcase at the wicked lounge (wild cabaret) in Glasgow on the 14th of April 2017. We’ve played lots of showcases over the years at various venues but as this was our first time there, so we thought we’d provide a wee bit of insight into our experience. We plan to do a showcase review for everywhere we play so stay tuned to our blog.

Showcase Review – First Contact

We’d heard about wicked lounge via the wedding band grapevine and that they were hiring bands to play there, so we dropped them a message to see if we were a good fit for their venue. We didn’t know anyone there so this was a cold call, well a cold facebook message.

The response was fast, polite and they were interested. As a band, it’s great when a venue responds like this. We weren’t left hanging on or wondering if we were going to get the gig, and i’m sure the staff there would have been equally fast at saying no if that was the case. All in all, we’re off to a great start..!!

It’s a nice venue, and we were excited about playing there –

Showcase Review – Location

Wicked lounge is set in Glasgows Merchant City, it’s not right in the middle of the city but it’s only maybe a 15 minute walk from Central train station, at the very most. Being in the city centre, it can be hard to get parking but that’s why we tend to vary the places we play our showcases. So if customers need to drive to see us, we should have a showcase to suit most peoples transport needs. Location wise, wicked lounge ticked a lot of the right boxes for a city centre based gig.


Showcase Review – Loading in

The load in was easy, I mean really easy. We were able to park our van right at the front door and it was a short walk from there to where we were setting up. No stairs or dodgy little lanes to the rear of the building. It can sometimes be awkward carrying band equipment into a venue if the only access is via the front door, but the doors and entry at wicked lounge are big and wide enough for everyone. No drama there.

Showcase Review – Sound and PA

When we arrived, a PA was already setup and ready to go so we could have just plugged in our back-line and started to play but we opted to setup our own PA. We like to do this whenever possible as we’re continually tweaking our own equipment to get the best out of it in every scenario. I can’t really comment on the house PA but the sound in the room itself is manageable. It’s not a massive room so it’s best to keep the noise down and try to play at a quieter volume than the size of the room would suggest. This is what it all looked like when we were in full flow


Showcase Review – The staff

Nothing much to say about the staff apart from that they were super friendly and totally professional. Perfect for everyone involved.

Showcase Review – Before the gig

On the run up to the showcase, wicked lounge were also nice enough to be tweeting about the gig. It’s great to see a venue leveraging social media to help with their footfall, getting people through the door is super important to them and if we can help promote their venue and our showcase, and they’re doing the same, it can only result in all round happiness.


To summarise, Wicked Lounge is what we’d call a “no hassle” gig and a really good city centre based venue for a showcase. The staff were friendly and there was lots of space for our potential customers to relax and enjoy the music. We’re back at wicked lounge in May 2017 for another showcase gig and we hope to see you there as well.


Remember, if you’re looking for a wedding band or need some advice around your music, please feel free to contact us, we’re always happy to help.

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